Simple. Abundant. Life. – My name is Rachel and that is what I believe we are put here to have- simple and abundant lives. I am 26, married, and a stay at home Momma to our daughter Olivia. I love my God- and I mean I really love my God. He is the source of all blessing in my life- something I try to remember daily. I believe that if we follow God’s ways and pursue His will on our knees, in our hearts, and through our actions that He will lead us to that simple, abundant life that we long for.

Simplicity and abundance come in many shapes and sizes. It can be captured first and foremost through a constant devotion and relationship with God. It is here that we will explore that further. It can also be found in figuring out how to be financially savvy, cultivating a marriage that rocks your world, growing your family and even jumping into some good old-fashioned DIY projects. That’s what this page is about- those things which lighten the load, make your ‘cup runneth over,’ rejuvenate your spirit and soothe the soul.

Here’s to learning together how to live beautifully simple and overwhelmingly abundant lives!

“I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.” – John 10:10


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