Posted by: rhenderson8110 | May 14, 2014

Preparing to LOVE being pregnant

It’s hard to believe I’m already almost 17 weeks along! In some ways the first 10 weeks took forever to go by before we got to see our little Blessing on an ultrasound… and then in other ways I feel like it has flown by. I wanted to share with you part of why I think it has sped past me like a whirlwind. I wasn’t sick. Or throwing up. Or about to die like I had mentally prepared myself for. The first thing I’ll say is that every person and every pregnancy is unique. But I wanted to share with you some things I did to try to prepare my body to conceive and carry this sweet baby. I can’t say that the natural preparations have caused my enjoyable pregnancy- but I am confident enough in them that I will continue to do them between future pregnancies as well! I can honestly say that apart from typical pregnancy-related fatigue, I have LOVED being pregnant! It’s hard to love a season of life when you feel awful… so maybe some of these can help you enjoy this phase of life more too!

1. Fertility Cleanse. There are about a million reasons why a cleanse would be a good practice for all of us- trying to conceive or not. With all the additives, toxins, junk food and chemicals we ingest it’s amazing we still function! With relation to fertility though- it is important for both women and men to cleanse their livers and their reproductive organs. Specifically if you have taken any form of hormonal birth control prior to trying to conceive. (I didn’t but still found the cleanse extremely helpful!)This is the one I did and this is the one Alex did. They are not intense, you still eat regularly and I didn’t feel awful during the cleanse either. I did however, feel about 10x healthier, clearer and just plain better after I did this cleanse. My cycles became more regular and easier in general. Everything needs a good cleaning once in a while- that includes our bodies! I intend to do a cleanse before each future child as well because I believe in it so much.

2. Move it! I have always been a pretty regular gym goer but I had read so many articles that linked activity to fertility that I knew I wanted to step it up. This doesn’t have to be a huge change from your current lifestyle. My goal was simply to go do something every day of the work-week. It’s not a huge task but it does get your blood pumping and your heart going. Make a small, doable goal for yourself and you’ll be happy you did! I had the normal 1st trimester fatigue and I am so glad I was in the habit of regular activity of some sort. There were certainly days I did nothing during those first 3 months but I was so used to doing something that I did get up and get moving much more than I would have if I didn’t have a habit in place!

3. Drink up! Well, water I mean. This one has changed my life- prior to making this change I was not a naturally thirsty person. I could probably go all day without drinking anything! I knew that hydration was SO important so I bought myself a nice, big, glass water bottle and dedicated myself to drinking 3 per day. (66 oz total) I can’t even tell you what a difference this made in my energy level. I literally felt like a new person! It really is SO simple too… do it, you won’t regret it! Oh and so far, even into my 2nd trimester I haven’t had those rumored pregnancy headaches. I’m hoping the two are correlated!

4. Rejuvenate your body. I did many things that I considered ‘extra’ with relation to our health in the months before we conceived. I know all of these are not possible and/or a good fit for everyone. But pick one- and commit yourself to it. The things I did were daily smoothies with all kinds of healthy stuff added in, juicing, big, wonderful, daily salads and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Now’s the time to pamper your insides and rejuvenate your body. You’ll be so glad you did that before you were pregnant because chances are you won’t have the energy for a little while to do it afterwards. I thought that because I was healthy pre-pregnancy that I would have a picturesque post-conception diet… and I now know how ridiculous that is! Even though I wasn’t throwing up, I was extremely fatigued and the last thing I was thinking about was juicing or making smoothies. I even gave in and enjoyed a few cheeseburgers from Wendy’s! It isn’t perfect but it is real. So, the more you can do before you get pregnant- the better it is for you and baby!

I hope those were as helpful to you as they have been for me and baby H! And here’s my 16 week picture (wow 4 months already!?) too 🙂 


PS- we find out if baby H is a boy or a girl a week from tomorrow! Any guesses from you?? Gender reveal to come ❤

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