Posted by: rhenderson8110 | November 12, 2013

Homemade Character- It’s worth the wait

Every time I make whipped cream I wonder why I am doing it. Seriously- it takes 20 minutes and seems to require a broken arm. Maybe it’s because I was born in the generation of immediate gratification… but it seems like it takes forever! And the problem is that I can’t do anything else while I’m waiting because it requires both hands. Doing 1 task for 20 minutes- unheard of! So, in all my extra time spent whipping my mind began to wander… I wonder if sometimes this is how God feels as He is preparing us to grow and develop. Except it doesn’t take Him 20 minutes, it takes our whole lives! Here are a few analogies I came up with while whipping away:

1. It seems like NOTHING is happening. Seriously, like for 15 of the 20 minutes that it takes to whip up some whipped cream it looks exactly the same! Meanwhile my arm is going numb, well not numb because I can feel pain shooting down it. But at some point it goes numb. And I look into that stainless steel bowl and just will it to start forming peaks. Or bubbles. Or something! But it doesn’t… it takes its sweet time. I think sometimes that is a lot like our spiritual growth. It seems like I put a LOT of effort in to try to change something in me and I really don’t see the results of that hard work until a long time later. If I see it at all! But, alas, at some point if I haven’t given up and run to the store for the chemical-infused spray whipped cream- those beautiful, fluffy white peaks begin to take shape. So, don’t give up. If you’ve been putting lots of prayer, study or self control in- the results will follow. You may not see it today or tomorrow or a year from now… but they will surface. And just like the taste of homemade whipped cream- there’s nothing like it and it’s totally worth it!

2. The best things in life are homemade. I noticed a cute little sign in a church member’s kitchen that read: “Good character like soup is usually homemade.” How true! There are many store-bought alternatives to food but the truth is that it never tastes better than if it was made from scratch, with love, at home. I think this is true of our character too. We’ve got to spend hours prepping and cutting and kneading and heating in order to be as spiritually pleasing to God as we can be. It’s homemade. Deep down in the most intimate places of our minds and hearts. It’s soul-work really. You know how they say some food soothes the soul? It’s true- and it’s never the convenient, store-bought stuff. There is no shortcut. It’s the ingredients you carefully picked out, delicately washed and meticulously prepared. The stuff you poured your heart into making. Moral of the story- the time it takes to make homemade whipped cream and homemade character is worth it. Broken arm and all. 😉


3. I’m so glad God doesn’t run to the store for a quick fix. Just like I get frustrated in the midst of doing all that work and seeing no results- I can imagine God feeling that way with me too. I know He is pouring His spirit into me, giving me opportunities to learn and then watching me face plant time and time again. And it made me think… I’m so glad God doesn’t throw in the towel with me. I’m eternally thankful He doesn’t throw the bowl in the sink and run to the store for some Reddi-Wip. Apparently, our Father is into homemade too. He is in it for the long haul with us- and praise Him for that!! It struck me that as I am learning patience God is displaying His. So now, every time I feel those stings of pain creeping up my arm as I beat whipped cream I’ll think of how I need to use a KitchenAid stand up mixer… haha no but seriously, I’ll stand there, smile and thank God for His patience and His faithfulness to me. 



  1. Love your commentary on being a Christian woman. Thanks for sharing.
    I am following your blog on bloglovin

  2. Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

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