Posted by: rhenderson8110 | October 17, 2013

If I Was In Love With God’s Law…

I have found a kindred spirit in David. I hate to go all Anne of Green Gables on you- but truly, the more I read the Psalms I believe David & I would have been kindred spirits. I love just about everything about that man- I love his passion, his leadership, his vulnerability, his zeal for repentance and most of all his deep, intimate, overwhelming love for God & His way. David had a love affair with God. I have a love affair with the Psalms as a way to express my love affair with God. And it got me thinking that God doesn’t want me to only love Him. Strange you say, let me explain. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in how much I love my God that I forget He is calling me to love a few other things too. I’m going to do a 3 part series on the things I have found that God wants us all to love, besides Himself. 

Loving God’s Law


What use is it to love God and not live His way of life? That would be like me telling Alex, ‘I love you but I’m not willing to do anything for you.’ Sometimes I think we can fall into the trap of loving the blessings God brings while seeing the laws of God as burdens. Let’s explore that. Do you feel the way David did when he wrote this, “Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” (Psa. 119:97) Do you really love it? If we did love it, what would that look like? 

1. If I was in love with God’s law I would think about it on a regular basis. 
How often do we really think about God’s law in our day to day lives? David said it was his ‘meditation all the day.’ Somehow ‘the law’ seems like this huge, ambiguous topic and it’s hard to know what to even think about. So what I do is I ask myself, ‘How am I living my life differently because I have God’s truth/laws?’ And I think well, I keep the Holy Days and the Sabbath… and then I think and I am devoted to my husband and serving my family. And the ball starts rolling. Then I ask, ‘Ok, and how have those changes benefited my life?’ Well, because I keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days I can have hope. I am able to face trials with a new joy and my soul finds rest in knowing God has a plan. My marriage is wonderful and satisfying and full of joy. And then I can truly begin to ‘meditate’ on God’s law and how awesome it is. Once I start thinking about that it’s almost like I can’t stop. I think when you begin doing this you’ll discover something. You will discover that everything in your life is changed and bettered by your knowing and keeping God’s law. He created it that way. At that point how can we not be overflowing with love for God’s law?!
2. If I was in love with God’s law I would be anxious to rid my life of anything that was contrary to it.
A big and important part of love is sacrifice. What things are you willing to sacrifice in order to follow God’s laws and glorify Him? A topic that is easily segued into from here is our entertainment choices. Do you say you ‘love God’ but would be sorely embarrassed if your minister looked through your DVD selection? I go further into choosing godly entertainment in my Guarding your Heart series here, here and here. The bottom line- is anything you own contrary to God’s law? Would you watch those movies, read those books or play those video games if your Savior was sitting by your side? The reality is that if we truly loved God’s law and saw the great value in it we would not want unlawful things anywhere near us. We would trust our Father and the guidelines He lovingly places around us. We would not be flirting with the line of sin; we would be running as fast as we can in the other direction. So when it comes to the ungodly things in your life, are you clinging or flinging? (Liked that, didn’t you? :))
3. If I was in love with God’s law I would have an urgent desire to share it with others.
You know how there are like a billion ‘I lost 114 lbs using ________ and it changed my life!’ weight loss testimonials out there? When something changes our lives we can’t wait to share it- even if it’s a little hokey and tacky. 🙂 I believe we should all enthusiastically participate in the ‘I lost the old, hollow and sin-ridden way of life and God’s law has changed my life!’ commercials. Okay maybe not commercials but you know what I mean. The law of God has changed my life and I should be burning with an overwhelming desire to tell people about it! We should be ripe with an overflowing craving to share the only path to true prosperity with others! One thing my dad used to say is that ‘God is in the people business!’ If so, we should be too! God wants every person to come to an understanding of His law and turn to Him- and so should we! (1 Tim.2:3-4)

Hopefully this has given you a little self-test to see how in love with God’s law you are. He doesn’t want us to obey just because He tells us to; ultimately He wants us to want to. He wants us to love it deep down in the core of who we are. So think about it- at a stop light, in the shower or on your lunch break. Then do some weeding. And then be willing to share it with anyone who will listen!

Stayed tuned for the other 2 blogs in this series: ‘Loving Salvation’ & ‘Loving Each Other!’

For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. (Rom. 7:22)

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