Posted by: rhenderson8110 | July 10, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over

So we decided to head towards a goal- one of simplicity and future discipleship. So, we did. And by ‘we’ I mean God did and we followed along bewildered and giddy. We said to each other about half way through this period that we would share all the things that just ‘worked out’ because it’s pretty hard to NOT see God’s hand in this. So here we go- the evidence is about to be piled high.

1. Part of what I left out in the previous post was that the 2 weeks prior to our garage-epiphany I spent praying that Alex & I would have a united vision regarding my role in our marriage. I had become more convinced that what God was calling me to do was to focus more of my energy at home. I didn’t know how to bring this up and not add pressure to Alex, which was the last thing I wanted to do. So I have this rule- if I want to bring up something serious with Alex (or anyone really) I make myself talk to God about it first. For 2 weeks, every day. I was seriously on day 13 of my 14 day prayer period when Alex brought up the topic on his own. As I sat in the car and listened to Alex go on and on about how much pressure it would take off of him if I was at home I just burst into tears. Awesome. Wonderful. My Cup Runneth Over.


2. We purchased our home in February of 2012 and it took until September for them to finish it. We bought the end of February because they were raising the price of the home by $20,000 a couple days later. Instant equity- awesome, right? God didn’t think that was awesome enough apparently because by the time we sat down with the realtor the price to build our exact home was up by $40,000! And, I’m honestly not joking, the week before we put it on the market it was up by $70,000. It went up $30,000 from the time we met with the realtor to when we put it on the market. Now don’t think we walked away with all that money- it doesn’t work like that but God did bless the process and we have our 20% to put down on that next, smaller home of ours. By the way, I feel the need to remind you that this is the REAL ESTATE market, in MICHIGAN. Only God could have done that- it’s a fact.

3.So we held 1 open house on a very rainy Sunday. The weather was just awful- wet and unseasonably chilly. We got home a little early so we went and parked near the house to wait for it to be done. Our spirits were a bit down because honestly, who would want to come out to look at our house in this weather? But we sat in our car, as the rain pitter-pattered on the windows and prayed. We said, ‘We know You can bring the buyer even in the rain, Father. If it’s your will, please do!’ And He did- the buyer did walk through our house that day… and we handed the keys over about 2 weeks later. It was almost as if He wanted us to KNOW that He had done it- on a cold, wet, miserable day. There could be no doubt.

4. So one of the reasons we wanted to leave that particular house was because of an over-bearing and ridiculous set of bylaws from our Home Owner’s Association. Okay so we were newbies at homeownership and should have read the bylaws before we moved- but we didn’t. Turns out I do not appreciate being told where I can and cannot plant a bush in my yard. Not cool. So anyways, we will pay more attention in the future. So, we’ve had our house up for sale for about 16 days at this point and the realtor calls. Apparently it is not classy enough to have a for sale sign in our yard. And we know this because the president of the HOA called and told the realtor we had to take it down, citing the aforementioned bylaws. Humph! How are we supposed to sell our house if we can’t have a for sale sign in our yard??? Frustrated, I walked, okay stomped, over and pulled the sign out of our yard. By the time I told Alex I had a little better attitude and remember saying, ‘Maybe this is God’s way of saying we won’t need it anymore.’ We got our offer a couple hours later. 🙂

5. We lived in the house from September 12th-May 31st. Because it was a new build our winter tax bill rate was based on the land without the house on it so we paid basically nothing. The summer tax bill comes out June 1st, so we didn’t have to pay it. We lived in that house for the exact right amount of time. Now tell me that isn’t divine timing?! 

6. After accepting the offer I had to broach the topic of working part-time with my boss. To say the least I was extremely nervous. But given that we had 2 weeks until we had to move- it was time to rip the band-aid off! So I did. And in the end, he suggested better hours than I did and we took no more of a paycut than anticipated. How did that happen?? In effect I was promoted and allowed to hire someone as my assistant for the time I wasn’t going to be in the office. He also allowed me to work 1/2 days the week before closing so I could move almost everything over to the apartment. What a blessing!

7. So we put the house up, accepted an offer in 2 1/2 weeks and set a close date for 2 weeks later. I had my 1/2 days and was a moving machine! In fact we were entirely moved out about 1 week before closing. The only thing we were waiting on was the appraisal. Which I wasn’t worried about. Why should I be? It’s a brand new house right? Well, I guess you can’t call it brand new anymore since we did live in it. Oh and there’s that ding in the wall in the spare bedroom. And the A/C needs to be recharged… and then all the sudden it’s me calling Alex in a panic telling him I just know the appraisal isn’t going to come through and then the buyers will walk away and now we have our stuff in 2 places! Naturally he did what good husbands do and assured me God would take care of it as He had everything else. And He did. He made me wait 3 more painful days, but alas the appraisal came in for EXACTLY what we were selling it for. No more, no less. Isn’t that the way God works? 😉

8. Not only did God provide a wonderfully easy and pain-free ‘out’ but He gave us an ‘in’ too. We accepted an offer and a close date 2 weeks away and we officially had no idea where we were going to live. We knew we wanted to get into an apartment while we looked for our smaller house to buy. So, I did about an hour of research, narrowed it down to 2 and Alex & I went on our way to choose. We prayed that it was obvious which one to take. And after one of the apartments came with a free 32″ flat screen TV, a random special of $50 off per month, washer and dryer in the unit and the water and trash are included it certainly was a no brainer. Once again, He provides! We signed that day and are so happy with our cute, quaint little ‘meanwhile’ apartment.

9. A day before closing our realtor gave us  a call- that’s the one that makes your heart jump into your throat when you see the name on your phone. It can’t be good, right? Everything really had gone too smoothly… In fact all was well- but he wanted to know what company had written our Title Insurance policy when we bought the house and wondered if we could find it. Right. We didn’t just move on a whim in a week or anything… but miraculously (no, but seriously though) I did find it. The same company “happened” to have written our previous Title Ins. policy and was willing to give us a $300 discount on the one we had to buy for this closing. Crazy, I know.

10. We expected to get a certain amount back from our escrow account sometime after closing. So we had figured that into everything and were really happy with it. Well about 2 weeks ago we got a check for almost double the amount we expected from our escrow. That is what I like to call the proverbial cherry on top.  (We also recently discovered we owed some tithes and had paid them back to God the week before… so I’m pretty sure that had something to do with it too. :)) “Bring all the tithes into the store house, that there may be food in My house, “and try Me now in this”; says the Lord of Hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.’” -Mal. 3:10

Those are just a few that we remember. I can tell you though, that there were MANY times in those 3 weeks that we felt that God was opening the windows of heaven and pouring out such blessing that we couldn’t contain it! Praise God!


PS- Happy Birthday Mom! After 50 years I’m sure you’ve had many ‘my cup runneth over moments…’ Here’s to MANY more!

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