Posted by: rhenderson8110 | June 29, 2013

Coming To The Table

Okay, so I must apologize for the hiatus- if you can call a whole entire month away a hiatus… but I have a wonderful and full reason why. Alex & I made the decision to move from our big, wonderful, brand new home to something less… and at the same time more. I’ll fully explain that later but I can safely say that we are in a much smaller apartment, living on less and feeling ‘richer’ than ever before. And it all happened so fast- so fast in fact that we had sold our house and I had no idea where we were going to live. Hence, the ‘hiatus.’ 

Somehow I have managed to maintain my reading addiction amidst all the packing and trips to Lowe’s and the post office to change addresses. The most recent book I read was recommended to me by my sister in law (who shares a love of reading those things that make one feel full and awake and alive). It’s called ‘Bread & Wine,’ and I absolutely loved it. There are so many great lessons to pull from it but I am just so anxious to get back to writing that I’ll choose just one that stood out to me to share today. 

She talks about how the table, with the bread & wine, can be a daily reminder of just how much we need God. We are reminded of our humanity, our fragility as our hunger drives us to the table 3 times a day. It also struck me that we should be reminded of God’s constant delivery of sustenance for us. He created the hunger and He fills it every day, with every cookie, muffin, granola bar and meal. He delivers. Every time. I’m going to try to remember that each time I grab a quick snack from that overflowing refrigerator of blessing. 

This was one of my favorite parts of her book: “When the table is full, heavy with platters, wine glasses scattered, napkins twisted and crumpled, forks askew dessert plates scattered with crumbs and icing, candles burning down low- it’s in those moments that I feel a deep sense of God’s presence and happiness. I feel honored to create a place around my table, a place for laughing and crying, for being seen and heard, for telling stories and creating memories. Body of Christ, broken for you, Blood of Christ, shed for you. ‘Every time you eat the bread and drink the wine,’ Jesus says, ‘ remember me.’ Communion is connection, remembrance. …the genius of Communion, of bread and wine, is that the bread is the food of the poor and wine the drink of the privileged , and that every time we see those two together, we are reminded of what we share instead of what divides us.”


I just love that. I realize we have a different view of ‘communion’ than the author does but she writes of a principle we can agree on! What an awesome perspective on something so routine as dining. I love those moments- when you find something spiritual and profound right smack dab in the middle of the mundane. It changes it forever. For me, meals are filled with greater meaning now than just filling a physical hunger. There is something innately sacred about coming to the table. We come to fill a physical hunger but the truth is that with the right mindset and the right people surrounding you something far deeper is filled within you. So, the next time you find yourself around the table take a moment and thank God for filling you- in the best and most profound ways.


  1. 🙂 so glad you loved the book! She writes with such beauty that I get hungry just reading….for physical and spiritual food! Love you!

  2. That excerpt from the book is just beautiful! Your post helped remind me how thankful I am that God provides.

  3. Thoroughly appreciate your insights into the Table. The very reason I named my other blog as I did:

    When you get a chance, hope you can read the Wonder Years.



    • I’d love to read the Wonder Years! Thanks for the tip and glad you enjoyed!

  4. Sarah- I did love it and yes it makes me hungry too! In fact, I just made the blueberry crisp recipe and it’s wonderful!

    Jenny- The whole book made me grow in gratitude. It’s always good to be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for!

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