Posted by: rhenderson8110 | April 21, 2013

Guarding Your Heart Part 3

Another concept naturally came up when I was looking into this topic. What about movies/music that aren’t openly sinful but also aren’t uplifting or educational? What about the grey areas in media? I think this scripture speaks to that: ‘Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.’ (Psa. 119:37) How many of the things I watch or listen to are just worthless? If I am watching those things how much of my time am I devoting to them? I believe this involves our calling to redeem the time. Our job is to spend every day growing closer to God, developing righteousness and ultimately bringing ourselves closer and closer to accepting eternal life.

Thinking on this has spurred Alex & I to reevaluate how much time we spend watching TV, being on the internet and just doing eternally ‘worthless’ things. I’d encourage you to ask yourself the difficult but honest question: Do I spend more time growing in godliness or tuning out and focusing in on worthless things?

GYH Part 3

One of the things that I am also passionate about is putting good stuff back in. Though Alex & I wanted to get rid of sinful entertainment it did leave (for shame) a large hole in our lives. So we started brainstorming what we could put in that would be uplifting and godly. Here is a short list of what we have tried to add to our repitoire:

1. Brian Regan comedy DVDs- he is a clean comedian and always cracks us up and brightens our mood.
2. Courageous, Fireproof & Faith Like Potatoes DVDs- excellent messages and extremely uplifting
3. Anne of Green Gables box set- helps me travel back to a much more innocent time and who doesn’t love Anne (with an E)!?’
4. Sons of Korah- an awesome band that puts the Psalms to music. I would HIGHLY recommend them.
5. Documentaries such as Indoctrination, Gather the Family, Food Inc, etc.- very educational and uplifting. You can find a bunch for free at the library too.
6. Planet Earth, Life and other nature DVDs- great for after church on the Sabbath too.
But mostly, we are trying to spend more time doing active things. Playing tennis, riding bikes and going for walks together. When we prioritized being active we have less time for ‘worthless’ things and don’t miss them as much.

Anyways, our study into this topic has changed our life. We are much more aware of Satan’s influence and I think we are much better equipped to fight the good fight for God’s righteousness. I would love to hear from you the steps you’ve taken to guard your heart, mind and family. Any ideas for us to potentially use? We must not allow Satan’s influence to take hold in our lives- actively or subtly. God has given you a heart, a mind & ultimately eternal life- guard them with ferocity!!


  1. Brilliant!

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  3. Loved this series, Rachel!

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