Posted by: rhenderson8110 | April 12, 2013

Controlling Your Tongue- A Powerful Skill!

Don’t challenge him in front of others. Some of us are independent, organized and principled women. Those traits are wonderful and truly gifts from God if focused in the appropriate direction. They can also be a strong and powerful wedge between the two of you, each comment driving you further from each other. I encourage those of us women who have been given these traits to stop to consider how strong of an influence we can have- for the good or for the bad! For me, the antidote for this was to pause, take a deep breath and consider:

1. Is it worth arguing over… because invariably quick, undermining comments lead to arguing later. It is amazing to me how many times I would have made sharp comments about the most insignificant things!

2. Will it build him up or tear him down? Proverbs 14:1 warns us that the building up or tearing down of our house is our responsibility! Do the things you say to or about your husband build a beautiful, strong house or are you living in marital poverty because you do not choose to control your tongue? God wants us to build spiritual mansions, not live in cardboard boxes- the choice is ours!images (1)
3. If it is important, is there a more effective way to communicate your legitimate concerns? My simple advice- ask him about it later. He will appreciate your tact so much that he will hear your opinion more clearly anyways!

I am convinced that a large part of our calling as wives is intimately connected with our words. We have a unique power to make our husbands feel like they can conquer the world or be trampled by it. Often the difference in the success of our husbands is whether or not they know they have a loving wife in their corner. There are so many negative forces and pressures in our world; let’s use the powerful, active role God has given us to combat them and build up our husbands and our homes in spiritual love!


  1. I really appreciate this post, Rachel! Thank you 🙂

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