Posted by: rhenderson8110 | April 1, 2013

Winning His Heart

As a continuation of my ‘What I have Learned in Marriage series…’

Win him over. Don’t you want your husband to be as hopelessly in love with you as you are with him? Most men aren’t as prone to sentimental outward acts of love but most women still crave it! We know that our husbands love us as married men should, but how can we prompt our husbands to cherish and adore us? Are there simple things we can do to make ourselves more attractive to the man we love? Deep inside every wife is the desire to be loved, taken care of, desired and adored. These are each separate needs and all must be taken care of in order for us to feel fulfilled and appreciated. What can we do to spur our husbands to truly cherish us?

How to win his heart:

  1. Be playful- men love to play with their wives! On this note, widen your definition of a date. Playing tennis, going hiking and a trip to Home Depot can all be great dates if you let them!581376_4319652463440_1338795178_n
  2. Be affectionate (not gross) in public- give marriage a good name, show others that married people can be more in love than when they were dating!
  3. Don’t smother the goofy moments- you are not ‘too old for that.’ Laugh loudly and heartily together- it’s healthy.534513_3321210943026_674844685_n And yes, this is us being the hotdog… in a bun… at a museum. Please also notice the ‘ketchup, mustard & mayo’ on top of us. Wildly outside my definition of appropriate… and yet totally worth it. 🙂
  4. Go on dates- even if it is in the living room, with leftovers, watching Netflix. Set aside time that is just yours.
  5. Laugh easily. Who wants to come home to someone who won’t laugh at his jokes or take teasing lightly? Be joyful and he will want to spend more time with you! (Wouldn’t you?!)
  6. Encourage him to do something that he loves… even if you don’t! If you lovingly encourage him to work on the car, shoot some hoops or do some target practice he (and you) will truly enjoy the time you do get to spend together. Would you rather hold him captive and spend a lot of mediocre time together or be generous and kind and truly cherish your time together? And who knows, he may even cut his activity short because he wants to come home to his wonderful wife! This is Alex on our honeymoon after playing in a special tennis clinic I set up for him!(He has always loved tennis) That is one hot, sweaty, thankful man! 39939_1512714571747_2435108_n
  7. Build him up in public. Any man who has a wife who truly and obviously adores and respects him is a confident and blessed man! Consider this story from ‘Sacred Influence,’:”There was a guy at work who was clumsy and never did the job quite right. None of us guys thought much of him, but when his wife came in one day, she looked at him like he could do no wrong. All of us guys were jealous of him from then on, because we knew he wasn’t perfect, but his wife treated him like he was. I would love for my wife to look at me like that.” When you look at your husband can he see the adoration in your eyes? When you talk to him do your words build him up? How about when you talk about him to others? How you view your husband can make a huge difference and make you a truly unique and loving wife!


  1. So I’m no woman but I just have to say, being the recipient of many of the above tips, you couldn’t find a more grateful husband than me! You’re such a blessing to me Rachel, I love you hun!!

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