Posted by: rhenderson8110 | March 19, 2013

Am I A ‘Fruitful’ Follower?

I have heard it said that God has planted within each of us a seed. From that seed we are to grow into mature and fruitful Christians.  Coming from a farming family this means something extra to me. I have watched seeds grow into a healthy, strong and bountiful crop and I have seen them wither and die. So it begs the question- am I in the process of growing… or dying?

I’ve thought a lot about children, pregnancy and parenting as Alex and I try to prepare for that next phase of life (if God wills that for us of course). Today I’d like to compare the seed that God plants in each of us at baptism to the seed of life that is planted inside a woman at conception.

At baptism we are ‘impregnated’ with God’s holy spirit. When a woman finds out she is pregnant it is a life-changing event! Something to celebrate and cherish! Wasn’t it the same when you received God’s holy spirit at baptism?! You celebrate new life, the turning of the page, a re-birth.  Have we forgotten what a joy it is to have God’s spirit within us? Just as each pregnancy is a miracle, so is our calling. What a privilege it is that God has chosen not just to walk with us but to live within us.  

From that point on however, it is our job to cultivate, feed, nurture and encourage growth. In pregnancy it is important that you are aware of each thing that enters your body. You are hyper-sensitive about what you are giving that child inside of you to help it grow. There are harmful things that you avoid and there are healthy things that you are sure to take in. God gives us a small amount of His spirit at baptism- it is our job to grow it. We must nurture it and feed it so that it produces new life. So, are the things you choose to take in (movies, music, books, etc.) cultivating growth of God’s spirit or are they killing it? I have to ask myself, ‘What am I doing to encourage the growth of that spirit inside me?’ Is the presence of His spirit in me changing my life? Has it truly taken hold of me? I heard a great quote and it went like this: ‘Do something everyday that leads you closer to God.’ Shouldn’t we be doing that? Dedicate each day to growing in God’s way of life and in developing that spirit within you.

Hands Holding a Seedling and Soil

When I looked into this topic further I realized just how important this is. This is not a request; it is a command. Consider the parable of the talents. If you recall, the one who buried what God had given to him had it taken away! God will take away what He has given to us if we do not continue to grow and produce fruit. We must remember this! This concept is so important to God that He gave us the fruits of the spirit in His Word! I think that it is a wonderful time to write down each of those traits listed there and then really ask ourselves which ones of these we are not displaying. If we are growing and learning the way the God wants us to then we should grow in each of those fruits. So, I encourage you to take the challenge and truly ask yourself if you are bearing the fruit from ALL that God has given you.

‘But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen’ – 2 Peter 3:18

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