Posted by: rhenderson8110 | February 28, 2013

Hospitality- the warmth factor

Hospitality has so many definitions and explanations. There are a million ways to practice it. It can be shown to just about anybody. Hence me giving it its’ own category on here. 🙂 I am extremely interested in learning more about how to be hospitable. In our home, at my job and with friends, family and strangers. I envision this to be well thought out perfectly prepared dinner events as well as impromptu enthusiastic service if an unexpected knock comes to my door.

I think hospitality is largely in the heart. Which means that along with learning practical tips on how to be the best host I am also on a quest to learning how to cultivate a heart for service, giving and cheerfulness. I heard this quote and it instantly gave me a goal: ‘Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.’ As I thought about that I realized just how much of an impact that would have on my life if I adopted that goal. My husband would enjoy being around me more, my clients would look forward to talking to me more, my boss might even give me a raise ;). And then I thought about hospitality. I realized that the best hosts are positive, enthusiastic and above all genuinely glad to have you in their presence. I will be posting more about how to choose a meal to serve, the importance of anticipation, color coordination, maintaining a servant’s heart and organizational tips. But first, let’s focus on the importance of being a positive presence in our world. Even if the steak is charred, the broccoli turns to mush and the power goes out (heaven forbid!) if we are loving, enthusiastic and exude warmth we will have happy and comfortable guests! And they may even want to come back to give you another try :).

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