Posted by: rhenderson8110 | January 11, 2013

Guard Your Intimacy

Something I have been thinking about recently is the importance of guarding the intimacy in our marriages. (with ferocity!) I believe this applies in many ways. Like when you argue- as we all do- don’t allow your first move to be calling a friend or family member to vent. In my experience it is best to vent to God first. He is a wonderful sounding board. I also find that when I actually get on my knees to complain about my spouse I have a hard time articulating what I am actually upset about. Figure it out with Him first and one of two things will happen:

One- you will realize that it’s not that big of a deal. You will end up thanking God for giving you a loving spouse and you will get up and give your husband a kiss… which may lead to something you’d MUCH rather be doing than arguing ;).
Two- you will identify the core of the issue. That way you won’t have spend hours on the phone commiserating with a friend or family member about husbands or men in general… allowing all sorts of negative and untrue things to have been said. Guard your marriage. Guard your husband. Guard his weaknesses. What you committed to in your vows is fully yours and his and no one else’s. I’m not saying don’t ask for advice. I am the queen of asking other people since I almost never know instinctively what to do. But don’t ask others how to deal with your husband’s specific weaknesses.

The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
– Proverbs 31:11

Can your husband safely trust you? I believe guarding the intimacy in our marriages is an important step in allowing our husbands to safely trust us. Just as our husbands are our covering and protection we are the keepers of their shortcomings and the quiet encouragers of their growth. It strikes me that I should spend many waking minutes covering Alex in prayer. (As opposed to discussing it openly with others.) Guard your intimacy.


  1. YES. These principles are so true in EVERY relationship with have with another human being but ESPECIALLY your most intimate ones. And especially with your husband. This blog of yours appears to be a very worthwhile endeavor, certainly bearing Godly fruits 🙂

    • Glad you agree Angela! Hope you continue to enjoy reading and giving your own input 🙂

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