Posted by: rhenderson8110 | January 10, 2013

Anniversary Project

Alex & I decided that for our 2 year anniversary we would build something together to put in our new home! It may have been motivated by lack of funds for other typical anniversary gifts… but I think it turned out for the better. 🙂 So, me being the planner I am… went to a bunch of sites and found this little gem: Seriously- awesome and addictive site! And we chose this project:!! 

As we were working together on this (in our car port, with extension cords and TV tray tables as supports) it struck me how appropriate it was for us to build something together as a celebration of our marriage. Marriages are built- over time, sometimes using the wrong materials, and often having to be torn down and redone… but they are none-the-less built. One of my favorite steps was picking out the materials we would use from Lowe’s. First we bought a few furniture making tools like a Kreg-Jig to drill the pocketholes. Super exciting, right?! Well we thought so anyways. Then we chose each board extremely carefully- checking for any bends and bows that might ruin the overall use of the piece. We chose the wood glue that would hold these boards together- knowing that it would all be in vain if the piece didn’t stay together. And we chose the decorative brackets- okay, so I chose the decorative brackets… that’s why God gave us that woman’s touch, right?!

Marriage is the same. First of all there are specific tools that God gives us to build our marriages with. They are not the same ones used to build other relationships- these are special. I must also choose, carefully and deliberately what material I build my marriage with. Will it be constructed with stubbornness, pride, and complaining? Or will I choose to use sacrifice, joy and a gentle nature? Each day I choose what to build our marriage with- let’s hope I take as much time choosing these materials as we did those building materials at Lowe’s! Then there is the glue that holds us together. Are my emotions what hold our marriage together? If so, when we have an off day is it going to fall apart? The glue that holds our marriage together is covenant. A faithfulness to God and then to each other. It is unwavering, immovable and permanent- regardless of how I ‘feel.’ We picked ourselves some covenant glue and that is the best kind! 

This concept, along with the name of this blog, is found in Proverbs. I have heard it said that the book of Proverbs is a book of self-fulfilling prophecies. If we do what is advised the rewards described in Proverbs will come true in our lives as well! If we don’t, the consequences are sure as well. So, here’s to many more ‘building projects’

with my hubby and to God helping me with the main one He has given me in this life: my home.

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” – Proverbs 14:1

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